Set 2020

ROKIT – Webinar

Biofabbricazione è la nuova frontiera in medicina

All-In-One Biofabriation Is Medicine’s Next Frontier.

Piattaforma per rigenerazione della cartilagine

Part 1 : The Recent Trend of Cartilage Repair
Part 2 : The ROKIT’s Technology : Organ Regenerator.

Pelle artificiale da biofabbricazione

The need and development of better human skin equivalent models is a response to various megatrends in biomedicine, from global animal testing bans to the lack of clinical efficacies of existing models. In this webinar you will learn:
– What is the purpose of the human skin equivalent?
– What is the human skin equivalent?
– What are in vitro and in vivo applications of the human skin equivalents?
– What advantages does the bioprinted human skin equivalent offer against existing animal, 2D, and 3D models?
– What does ROKIT Healthcare offer to improve your skin research with bioprinted skin products and on-demand skin bioprinting services?